A fusion of cultures, nationalities and religions, Yahya was born and raised in London in 1972 to an Anglo-German, Irish Christian mother and a Jewish Moroccan father from Meknes. He later embraced Islam as an adult and his artistic side was revealed on a trip to Morocco where he discovered the ancient art of metal-working. Formally a martial arts instructor and events organiser with no previous artistic training, Yahya discreetly opened his gallery in 2005, without fanfare or publicity or even a sign on the shop…. Six weeks later all the stock had been sold through word of mouth alone and today, Yahya's work is recognised internationally. His works of art are subtle but sophisticated, audacious yet mysterious, the pure reflection of his character and multi-faceted background. In 2013, he was honoured to have received the highest office of Commander of the Order of National Recompense from his Majesty, the King of Morocco for his contributions to Moroccan art and design.